My Story

Hello, My name is Junko. I am a Naturopath specializing in Women's health based in Sydney, Australia.


My own menstrual challenge brought me in Sydney to study Naturopathy in 2004 with a strong intention to heal my body and get my period back without unnecessary use of medications and synthetic hormones. Studying Naturopathy and my own healing journey confirmed that our body has an ability to heal itself if given time and the right care.


I have also witnessed a number of times, for over 10 years of working in the natural therapy industry, how powerful natural medicines and lifestyle changes can be to transform people’s health and life.


These personal and professional experiences helped grow my passion for helping women, who are experiencing menstrual, hormonal or other health challenges, reclaim the joy of having a healthy, natural menstrual cycles and their optimal health & well-being.

My sincere hope is that I can make a positive contribution to the world by playing my part as a Naturopath in supporting girls and women embrace their bodies, menstrual cycles and power within for their healthier and happier life and helping those women who are in need. 

I look forward to supporting your healing journey.


  • Bachelor of Naturopathy

  • Diploma of Nutrition

  • Certificate IV in Aromatherapy

  • Certificate IV in Remedial Massage

  • Certificate IV in Reflexology

  • Accredited member of ATMS (ATMS20088)

Junko Okuda Naturopath My Story
Junko Okuda Naturopath My Approach

My Approach

Menstrual cycles can provide great insight into women’s overall health and well-being. Having a healthy, regular menstrual cycle is a monthly health report that you are in good health and balanced state. Any physical, hormonal & emotional imbalance happening inside your body may be reflected in your menstrual health and be experienced as uncomfortable symptoms i.e. irregular cycle, heavy bleeding,  cramps, tiredness and mood swings. Despite how common these symptoms are, no one need to live with such physical or emotional discomforts. Your pain, frustration, confusion, struggles and hopelessness are real. They are all messages from your body telling you that something is out of balance, and they need to be heard and looked after. No symptom appears for no reason. 


My role as a Naturopath is helping you uncover the reason(s) of your dis-ease, providing you with necessary holistic support, guidance and tools for bringing healthy balance back into your body, mind & spirit, and helping you reconnect with your inner wisdom, natural cycles and flow.

I am a strong believer in Food as Medicine. Food has a power to heal our body, mind & spirit when being used as close as how they exist in nature.  In my Naturopathic practice, I place a strong emphasis on education of clean, nutrient-dense wholefood eating and chemical free lifestyle for building good foundation of health. This process is the most  important  part of Naturopathy since the utmost goal is that you become your best health advocate to maintain your optimal health and well-being.


I truly believe that good health is achievable for everyone with simple dietary & lifestyle changes and the use of natural medicines.

Naturopathy can help you:


  • Have healthy, natural menstrual cycles without unnecessary use of medications

  • Break the viscous cycle of physical & emotional discomforts by uprooting the underlying cause(s), e.g. PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids

  • Get your body ready for a smooth & safe transition before coming off the birth control pills

  • Manage physical & emotional challenges during hormonal shifts at different periods of  your life (i.e. Puberty, Pregnancy, Pre & Post Menopause)

  • Work with your cycles and feel the best version of yourself

  • Improve immunity, sleep quality, energy level and general well-being